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It's all your fault

At the height of Eric Cantona's fame with Manchester United, the manager buys a Bosnian striker for their second team. Although he plays well, he goes virtually unnoticed until Eric Cantona decides to return to France, leaving a terrible gap in the side.

The manager decides to try the Bosnian out in one first team game and is delighted when he plays brilliant football and gets three goals. After the game everyone congratulates the Bosnian and the manager offers him a full contract and a huge salary.

The Bosnian is thrilled and says, "I must phone my mother to tell her the. good news."

When he gets through to his mother she says; "Well, son, I have bad news for you - your father was out foraging for food and was shot dead. Your brother went out after him to try to find out what happened and to seek some recompense - he was badly beaten and had both his legs broken, and this is ALL YOUR FAULT!"

The Bosnian is shocked and says, "How is this my fault? I had nothing to do with it!" But his mother replies, "If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be in Manchester in the first place!"


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