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Manchester City Football songs and football chants

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Manchester City Team Songs

What we love best

We fought in France, we fought in Spain
Fought in sun, we've fought in rain
We've taken the Kop, we've taken the Shed
But what we love best is kicking in Reds

Are you watching?

Are you watching?
Are you watching?
Are you watching Macclesfield
(Final day relegation in 1997 98 season, despite a 5 2 victory at Stoke City, was greeted with this ironic look forward to life in the Second Division and future 'derby' meetings with their new Cheshire based rivals instead of short hops to Old Trafford)

We never win

We never win at home and we never win away
We lost last week and we're losing today
We don't give a fuck
'Cos we're all pissed up

Niall Quinn's disco pants

Niall Quinn's disco pants are the best
They come up from his arse to his chest
They're better than Adam and the Ants
Niall Quinn's disco pants
(Adopted after the former City striker was seen out on the town one night)

(To the tune of Oasis's Wonderwall')

And all the runs that Kinky makes are winding
And all the goals that City score are blinding
There are many times that we would like to score again
But we don't know how
'Cos maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You're my Alan Ball

We've lost that Terry Phelan
(To the tune of We've Lost That Lovin' Feelin')

We've lost that Terry Phelan

We're not really here

We're not really here, we're not really here
Like the friends of the Invisible Man
We're not really here
(Inspired by City fans on tour in Ireland who trashed the bar of the Metropole Hotel in Cork, then sung this to the police officers sent to deal with the situation in the belief there was no proof as to which ones were responsible)


Edghill for England
(Defender comes in for ironic support as City trail 6 0 at Liverpool)

City chant

Oh Man City
The only English team to win the championship
(They claim no other team has won the League title with 11 Englishmen)

City chant

Oh Man City
The only football team to come from Manchester
(A dig at United's countrywide support)


In 1963 when we fell to Division Two
The Stretford End cried out aloud
`It's the end for you Sky Blue'
Joe Mercer came
We played the game
We went to Rotherham
And won 1 0
And we were back into Division One
We've won the League, we've won the League Cup
We've been to Europe too
And when we win the League again
We'll sing this song to you
City, City, City, City, City


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