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Hull City Football songs and football chants

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Hull City Team Songs

Common Dolan
(To the tune of `Common People' by Pulp)

He came from Rochdale with a lack of knowledge
He studied management at Bradford College
That's where I (pause), caught his eye
He told me that he was a manager
I said: `In that case you'd better come and manage us'
He said: `Fine'
And then, in three seasons' time
He said: `I want to take you to the Vauxhall Conference
I want to do whatever Halifax do
I want to sign lots of crap old players
I want to watch this club slide out of view
And hoof, and hoof and hoof
There's nothing left to doooooooooo'

A black and amber team
(To the tune of `Yellow Submarine)

In the town, where I was born
There's a teeeeeeaaaaaaaam
Called Hull City
And we make, the pilgrimage
On a Saturday, to Boothferry
We all follow a black and amber team
A black and amber team
Who sometimes play in green

Fuck off Terry Dolan
(To the tune of Daydream Believer)

Fuck off Terry Dolan
You took us to Division Three
You're a shit football manager
And so is Jeff Leeeeeeeeee

Bri McGinty

Och aye, super Bri
Och aye, super Bri
Och aye, super Bri
Super Bri McGinty!

My old man...

My old man said be a rugby fan
I said, `Fuck off bollocks you're a cunt'


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