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Huddersfield Town Football songs and football chants

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Huddersfield Town Team Songs

Smile a while

There's a team that's dear to it's followers
Their colours are bright blue and white
They're a team of reknown, they're the talk of the town
And the game of football is their delight

All the while upon the field of play
Thousands gladly cheered them on their way
Often you could hear them say
`Who can beat the Town today?'

Then the bells shall ring so merrily
Every goal shall be a memory
So town play up and bring the Cup
Back to Huddersfield

Those were the days

Those were the days my friend
I thought they'd never end
We won the League three times in a row
We won the FA Cup
And now we're going up
We are the Town
Oh yes, we are the Town


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