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Dundee United Football songs and football chants

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Dundee United Team Songs

The Dens Park Massacre of '65

Get down on your knees and pray
It's the anniversary
Of the Dens Park massacre of '65 (65!)
It's the day we won't forget
And the Dundee will regret
It's the day we gave them 1 2 3 4 5!
It was the 11th of September
A day we all remember
Finn Dossing was at centre and scored three
Lennart Wing from the spot
And Gillespie with a shot
A shot that Ally Packy didn't see

United boys

Hello! Hello! We are United boys
Hello! Hello! You'll tell us by our noise
We're up to our knees in Derry boys
Surrender or you'll die
For we are United boys

Let's all laugh at Dundee

Let's all laugh at Dundee
Haha ha ha, haha ha ha


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