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Cardiff City Football songs and football chants

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Cardiff City Team Songs

Do the Ayatollah
(Fans crouch and rise slowly, & start slapping their foreheads)
Do the Ayatollah
Do the Ayatollah
Nerner ner ner
Nerner ner ner
(This bizarre offering of a few years ago is explained by television footage from Iran when news of the Ayatollah Khomeini's death spread. People took to the streets slapping their heads as a sign of
grief and, as the Bluebirds were having a bad time of things themselves around then, they adopted this chant as a symbol of grief at their predicament)

lt's full of shit

It's full of shit, it's full of shit
It's full of...
England's full of shit

Cardiff chant

1 0 to the sheep shaggers

You Jack bastard

You Jack bastard, you Jack bastard
(Misheard by some national newspaper reporters as `You black bastard' at an FA Cup tie with Reading in February 1998. The chant was directed at one of Reading's players, once of Swansea City. The Jack bit refers to the Swansea Jack, a pub just outside the Vetch Field and the chant is reserved for Swansea fans or ex Swansea players)


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