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Aston Villa Football songs and football chants

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Aston Villa Team Songs

Dwight Yorke
(To the tune of `New York, New York)

Start spreading the news
He's playing today
I want to see him score again
Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke

If he can (pause) score from there
He'll score from (pause) anywhere
It's up to you
Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke
De de, dedede, de de dedede

(obviously not sung since `Yorkie' left for Manchester United)

Roll along

Roll along, Aston Villa, roll along
To the top of the League where you belong
There'll be cups and trophies too
For the boys in Claret 'n' Blue
Roll along, Aston Villa, roll along

Sing when we're shopping

Sing when we're shopping, we only sing when we're shopping
(in the Normid End at Bolton's former home, Burnden Park)

A footballer called Dwight Yorke
(To the tune of `An Englishman in New York)

When he's on the pitch at Villa Park
And he's really on his game
He can twist and turn and score a goal!
Everybody knows his name!

Oooooooooo, he's a footballer
An Aston Villa footballer
He's a footballer called Dwight Yorke

Sign on
(To the tune of `You'll Never Walk Alone, when playing Liverpool)

Sign on, sign on
With a pen in your hand
'Cos you'll ne ver work a gain
You'll never work again
Sign on, sign on

Go once a season

Go once a season
You only go once a season
Go once a season
(to Man Utd and Liverpool)


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