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Jokes about football clubs

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Manchester City

What does EIDOS, Manchester Cities sponser stand for?


A Manchester City fan came down to Wembley for the Cup Final. As he didn't have a ticket he asked a tout outside the gates how much the cheapest one cost. '£75,' said the tout.

'£75!' said the fan. 'Back in Manchester I could get a woman for that!'

'Maybe,' said the tout. 'But you wouldn't get an hour and a half with the Band of the Coldstream Guards in the interval!'

A visiting fan turned up at a Manchester City vs Manchester United match last week and was told that seats were £16, £20 and £35, and programmes £2.

'OK,' he said cheerfully, 'I'll sit on a programme!'

`How did you enjoy your holiday in Israel?'


'Did you visit the Wailing Wall?'

'Yes - but I couldn't get near it for Manchester City supporters!'


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