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Football Anagrams

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Premier League

Arsenal Football Club- Cruel banal footballs.
Aston Villa - Vital loans
Blackburn Rovers - Verbal cork burns
Bolton Wanderers - Now nerd bloaters
Charlton Athletic - Clitoral chat then, Halt technical rot
Chelsea Football Club - Callous fat leech blob
Derby County - Dunce by Tory
Everton Football Club - Lovelorn, fat, cute blob
Fulham FC - Calm huff
Ipswich Town - Cow with spin
Leeds United- Sudden elite - Tuned diesel - I needed slut
Leicester City - Electric Yetis
Liverpool FC - Pelvic floor
Manchester Utd - Rent hated scum, Urine detachments, The Entrained Scum, Stained hen rectum, Scum need the train
Middlesbrough - His odd grumble
Newcastle United - Wet dense lunatic
Southampton - Phantoms out
Sunderland - Nun ladders
Tottenham Hotspur- To the posh tantrum
West Ham United - With nude mates - I am the new dust


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